Finance Explained


Want to get going in a brand new Nissan?

At Nissan we bring innovation to everyone – and we really do mean everyone.

Applying for car finance doesn't have to be complicated and at your local Nissan Dealership it isn't.

Finance can be arranged on all new cars, with options to suit you and your needs, your local Nissan Dealership can advise on the best option for you.

One of your options is Nissan Go PCP, our affordable finance plan that makes it as easy as possible for you to drive a brand new Nissan.

As one of Europe’s largest motor companies we’re able to offer you even more value and convenience through competitive rates and simple, flexible payment plans that suit your needs.

See how much you could save by driving a new Nissan. 

NISSAN GO Calculator


How does NISSAN Go PcP work?

Once you’ve chosen the new Nissan you want, simply pay us a flexible deposit (minimum 10%). One way to do this is by trading in your existing car with the dealership and paying the remainder in cash if needs be.

  • Next, agree your monthly repayments.
  • In return, we’ll guarantee the minimum future value (GMFV) of the car in 3 years’ time, when you’ll have three options (Ts&Cs apply):
    1. Upgrade - Drive away in a brand new Nissan and continue on a new repayment plan.
    2. Keep your car -  Buy your car from us outright for the previously agreed minimum future value (GMFV).
    3. Just walk away - Want a change? No problem. Just hand the keys back and walk away with no outstanding bills.

If you would like more details please email or talk to your local Nissan Sales Dealership